Challenges – When They Come At Us

Sometimes things happen to us and we don’t understand why they have come to us. It can be difficult.

We start getting frustrated and complaining about it, and we start second-guessing why things are happening to us. It makes us yell, be sad, and feel down.

When a challenge comes at you, it is to learn a lesson. This is always the reminder. When challenges come at us it is for us to learn and grow. The good thing is, maybe you can learn the lesson when the challenge comes at you again and again. For example, if someone that you didn’t see for a long time comes back into your life, you can react differently.

When you start to know yourself and recognize things as a challenge, that is the first step, especially when you notice when they keep happening to you. For example when you are sick, or if you keep getting hurt, or if you get fired, you can recognize the challenge.

From these challenges we can grow – we can understand how to behave in the future, how to recognize ourselves and catch ourselves. When you catch that moment of realizing the challenge is happening – you can shift yourself, your thoughts, and the

Recognizing the challenge – understanding that you CAN behave differently and be with the situation in a different way is the first step. Once you do this, you can feel different about it and learn to take care, treat the situation with a much better approach.

So whenever a challenge comes at you – take a moment to remind yourself that it is here to show you something about yourself that you can change. Then from there you begin to feel ease, peace, and have a different mentality about it.

I talk a lot about this in my book – Our Journey. Just remember that it is all here to help you expand and live out your lessons in this life

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