About Decisions

We have talked about this topic in the past, but I think we need another reminder on this topic all the time.

I want to talk about three main worries: making a wrong decision, not making a decision, and why we need to make a decision even when we are not clear or nervous about making one.

Why do we need to make a decision?

Picture the story of getting into a cab. We get into a cab and we tell the driver to go downtown, then we say no wait let’s go to the east side, then we say wait no let’s go to the west side. Obviously, the driver now can not take you anywhere. This is why we need to make decisions.

The mind goes where you take it. So we need to make a decision on where we are going, what we are doing, what we want – the specifics. This is key. When you make a decision your mind will do whatever you decide, so you need to be clear and not confuse the decisions.

There are times when we are confused. We don’t know what to decide. There are times when we question is this right for me? Or is this wrong for me? We start to get scared and nervous and feel stressed. Second-guessing if this way is good, or that way
is good?

We don’t see any picture, or question who will help us, etc. But when we don’t decide – it is going to feel like somebody else decides for us, and this will be really wrong for us. It can be something that is worse and that can actually confuse us more.

When you make a decision and you are not fully sure it is the right thing, you must decide that there is no such thing as a mistake. This is the way to think. No matter what comes at us, we have to learn from it. We are supposed to go through what we go through. The challenges that come are part of the journey. So first thing first, we need to decide. There is no such thing as a mistake. There is no wrong decision. Decide and go forward with that.

All of the time that we are confused and don’t know what to do, it will not take us anywhere. So decide and be sure that the universe will guide you either way. Even if a challenge comes at you, you will go through it, and you will be okay. Don’t be afraid, you can’t go wrong.

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