I want to talk about happiness and how to create it.

Before starting I just want to make sure that we remember that whatever we have is in our hands, it is in our hands who to be, what to be, and what we have.

I know there are situations where we say “I can’t” or “it is not possible”, but we need to make sure that the place that we are, where we live, who our friends are, where we work, the community, all of those things need to fit our life. We need to be surrounded by people that support us. It is very important to notice where we are and who we are with. It helps us to think positively, creatively, and visualize things that we want in our life.

It is our responsibility to be happy. So we have to catch ourselves all the time and ask where our consciousness is. Ask yourself why you are upset, why you have stress, why you have anger, why you feel sad… ask yourself where does this come from? And let go.

So how can you be happy? There are plenty of things.

The people that surround you, the place that you are, the community, all of these can help. But first, it is in our heads. You need to find something that makes you excited and feel good about yourself.

Some people like to do a sports exercise, or something creative like art, or cooking, or sewing, whatever you can do with your hands that makes you happy. Listening to music, dancing, playing an instrument, any kind of body activity, meditation, funny videos.

Sitting with yourself and planning good things that you want to have in your life. Happiness is in our hands – to feel good about yourself, relaxed, at ease, it is in our hands. We can change it, and we can do better.

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