Taking yourself out of just “Me”, and seeing the whole.

I want to talk about “Me”, what do I mean by Me? Each one of us, is a “me”, with our own lessons and paths. The thing is when we focus a lot on just “us”, our minds can worry. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we worry, feel at risk, we are not free.

Our minds start to wander… about what is going to happen, what will be. I am not just talking about material things, it can be other things in our minds. We have so many areas of life to worry about, our mind plays out movies of what if?

We can worry about our health, we can worry about our relationships, we can worry about money, how to pay bills, etc. There is a lot of topics that bring worry when we think about them and about the future, and “me myself and I” thoughts.

How can we be in a place where we have certainty that everything is going to be okay? Where we can be sure of that?

What creates the uncertainty in our life? What causes us to feel uneasy and uncertain? Topics where you are not sure, where there are doubts that come into your mind.

The one thing that creates this uncertainty, is desire for myself alone, thinking of the “me”. This is what creates this uncertainty, is when I am thinking about myself alone.

The thing is there is a reality around you that is perfect. It is good, better than good. Even scientists say it exists. So why we are not there? It is because we are not connected to that. If we want to connect to that place, and feel free, it is when we feel certain that we are okay. When you are not thinking only about yourself, but the whole of what is, how it all exists together.

See the big picture. Realize it is not just you here. See the whole, and realize it is all going to be okay. That is certain, and when you start to second guess it, take the “me”
out of the picture and realize you are not alone.

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