Decisions, I have talked about this topic before, and want to talk about it again as it comes up often.

Many times in life we have to make a decision, and maybe we don’t know what to do and we feel confused. We don’t know what to decide, we second guess which way will be good for us.

Decisions bring confusion. Then what happens is often we can’t decide, which is the worst and we create a space of indecision. In that space, other things can happen, people decide for you, you wait and never go, and you stress yourself out.

Know that it is always better to decide concretely and realize that there is no such thing as a mistake. There is no wrong decision. If we try something and it doesn’t feel right,
we can decide something else.

When we don’t decide what happens, someone else will decide for us, and it will be something that isn’t even close to what you really want.

Indecision creates that grey space, which leads to more confusion, more doubt, more uncertainty. The decision always creates results even if in the end it wasn’t the decision you stick with.

One of the best things to do is write down and imagine the bigger picture of what you do want in your life. A job, moving forward, different things in life, maybe you realize what you want and that helps your decisions. Go for it, decide.

Remember, it is better to decide something vs. remaining in that space of indecision, and there is no such thing as a wrong decision or a mistake.

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