I am outside of the country right now, and it gives a perspective that it is time to see from the outside how love works. To zoom out, and not make it about you, but about the other.

People often don’t see the other person in front of them.

They don’t really look into the other person’s eyes and see what the other person needs. People usually look at and see themselves, about what they want, and where they want to go, what they need. They don’t really take time to see the other person.

We need to change this habit of not thinking about others.

One smile, one compliment, and one blessing, can change the other person’s day.

Ask the driver when you get into a cab how his day is going. Be kind and find respect for the people that do surround you.

This is how we can change the planet and the universe and feel better and happy. This is how you wake up your desire to change things in your life, and what/who you surround yourself with.

Every time you see people around you think how can I bring love here? What can I say when I get in the elevator with a person, can I give a compliment? Can I see from their eyes?

I see how love is a habit and how you see other people like that, with genuine care and setting your own self and problems aside, and you become like that, love becomes a habit.

Try to focus on giving, little things in little ways. This is love. This is how we can find more respect and love in our lives, and change the world for the better.

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