The Immune System

A reminder of the immune system and how to get it in a strong vitality and balance.
How do we do this?

When we are in balance, if someone tells us anything negative – it doesn’t bother us. If someone gets the flu and is near us, we don’t get it.  We don’t get it because we are in balance and our immune system is strong. We have peace inside us, we feel calm. Our goal is to be in this place of balance.

If our vitality is high, our immune system is strong. Here are a few essential things we can do to keep our vitality high:

First, look at what we eat. Watching what we eat and put into our bodies is very important. Each person needs to check in with their daily diets and make sure you are eating clean, drinking enough water, and getting nutrients. Vegetables, fruits, fresh green juice, natural foods have a high vitality. Be honest, more greens, less carbs, less alcohol, less sweets, more natural foods that bring life and energy. See what you eat every day, and try to add in or take out what isn’t giving you that life and vitality.

Second, exercise, make sure you move your body each day. A walk, yoga, swimming, running, finding some way to move your body daily. It doesn’t have to be a huge massive workout, but even just walking and moving outside can be so beneficial.

Third, check your Vitamin D, vitamin D is filled with vitality from the sun. If you can be in the sun for 15 – 20 min a day that works, if you cannot, take a supplement and every couple of months check the vitamin D in your body.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and it’s good to sleep around 10pm. Vitamins, herbs and supplements can help with this and finding natural remedies to help boost your system.

Lastly, the people around you/your environment. Who you surround yourself with boosts your vitality. If you are around people who lift you up, support you, are positive, love you, and make you feel good this will boost your vitality.

The environment/being in a good place, close to friends, nature, home, family, all of this plays into your vitality and really makes a difference to balance and having a strong immune system.

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