Dealing with Anxiety/Worry

People often ask me, how do I not be anxious and worry about things that are going to happen in the future?

If you are worried about money, about losing your job, about the state of the world, about what will happen next, or feeling nervous about what is ahead… this blog post is for you.

First, we need to control our thoughts and really ask ourselves why these thoughts of worry are coming to us. Notice them. Ask yourself where are these thoughts coming from, and look around and realize you are fine now, so you will be fine later. Try to release the thought which is bringing anxiety and worry and realize you are not your thoughts. The main thing is to control your thoughts and come back to a different
better feeling thought.

Second, when we worry about the future it is because there is something that we are missing in the ‘right now’. You can do something about this. We all have personal challenges that we go through for a reason in which we are meant to learn from them.

We are meant to learn and go through these challenges to learn a lesson and grow inside so we know what to do next time.

All the unknown that brings anxiety and worry, happen when we don’t trust the creator/the creation. Each one of us need to see what is bringing the anxiety and how we got into this situation, and in that situation in the ‘right now’ you can tell yourself about the now: right now you are okay, find the peace and calm in the now.

The worry and anxiety does nothing for you. It will not bring in more money, or a better state of life, so change your thinking and focus on something good in the present moment. This is what will lead you to actions you can take to get out of the place you are in now and into a better one, or keep what is working in your life so you can attract more of that.

Trust that things will work out. Control your thoughts, and realize right now you are good, so in the future you will be too.

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