Releasing Control

I want to talk about releasing control. Usually, we think we can control everything, and we want to be in control of the outcomes with aspects of life such as jobs, or relationships. In your mind, you think this is what will happen, and the truth is we block ourselves by trying to control.

In your mind, you have an idea how things are going to happen, and sometimes we try to control things because of fear because we are afraid.

We are afraid of how it is going to happen for us, what is going to happen, and how it is going to be.

When you release control, something new and something amazing can come in. By letting go of the fear and the control, we can win a lot, we create space for things to come, and we can let in what is truly meant for us.

This is the big thing we can do for ourself to get better and to get more in alignment, a deeper understanding of yourself, let go of control.

Any situation we have in life we can approach it with an openness to facing the unknown and realizing it is okay to not know, release, and let it be, let go of the control, and watch
how you may be surprised how you can handle things.

Life brings many new things to us, and we often times want it to be a certain way. For example controlling children, controlling the outcome of a first date, controlling the outcome of a new job, controlling a new city and what happens when you move there.

When we try to control things we have expectations and when it doesn’t happen as we think it should, we feel afraid.

Release the control, and let the universe guide us, show us different ways, different ways of being, and all that can come to us when we let go of trying to control how we think it “should” be.

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