The Immune System – Vitamin D

A reminder about the Immune System and Vitamin D.

Not long ago I understood how important is the Vitamin D. You can find a lot information about that today.

Our Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that boosts the immune system.

When our Vitamin D is at its perfect level, it is like a defense against sickens, bacteria, and negativity. You feel better, lighter, happier, and your immune system is strong.

We need to check at least twice a year with our doctor, to do a blood test, to check all our vitamins but also most importantly for the immune health to check the Vitamin D level in particular.

When it is low, you may feel tired, sad, emotional, or sick. Vitamin D supports your muscles, nerves, and immune system. You may feel low and depressed, unlike yourself. We can get Vitamin D from the sun. The sun is where Vitamin D comes from, and the best source of it is to be outside in the sun. Even 15 – 20 min a day, this is the best Vitamin D solution the universe can offer us. They also have Vitamin D in the markets – supplements that you can take when you feel you need a boost.

Take Vitamin D supplements, especially in the periods where your levels are very low. There is so much information about why Vitamin D is important, and this is something that has really helped me, feel balance, peace, strength, and to handle things with ease… to not be emotional about everything that comes up in our lives.

It is a really simple solution and reminder that we can easily add into our lives. A simple supplement and making time to be outside in the sun for little moments throughout the day.

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