No matter the age, humans tend to look at life as a competition. If we are a child, a teenager, or an adult, we think in the headspace of comparison and competition. Who has a bigger car, house, job, better relationship, etc.?

Children are always comparing from an early age. They learn where their friends live, what their parents do, what they like, who they look like, and what they need to get better at.

There is a negative side to competition, and also a positive way to use it which is to realize it is good to be in competition to pull yourself from yourself. Each one of us on this planet has something unique that belongs to our soul. It is our own individual lessons, and we only need to evolve ourselves, by giving what we can.

Just be yourself, take your potential, and know yourself. Be able to understand what you are going for, and why, for you.

From what you have to offer, give. To teach to volunteer, to donate, to give from ourselves. Time, money, love.

The universe gives us more so that we can share more. This is the way that we need to teach our children and the people that are around us when it comes to competition. The more we grow and evolve the more we can give, which in turn allows us to get more, eliminating the need for competing with anyone but ourselves and our own journeys.

Every one of us is unique and has something to offer. To look at each other with the knowledge of this, and the reminder that there are good qualities in all of us, we are here to give and expand, not compete… it will help ease our minds as we look at other people’s lives, and feel competitive we can know why and bring it back to ourselves.

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