Thoughts – Changing the Planet

Thoughts. We create our own reality with our thoughts. I have talked about this topic many times, how thoughts are the key to how we create our material lives, how we need to control our thoughts, and how we
get more of what we think about.

This time on thoughts, I want to talk about something bigger, that we need to remember that this entire
planet is created from all of our individual thoughts.

If we create our own reality with thoughts, then each one of us needs to really think about this, and on what our thoughts are collectively. To notice negative thoughts, about each other, about wishes for other people that are not so good. We think sometimes we have enemies, but we don’t have enemies, it is among our thoughts.

We have our thoughts and that is it.

We don’t need to wait for someone else to help us, or to do something big for us, what we need to do is to look inside our thoughts and reach for our own potential.

Find things we enjoy, and do that, focus on what we can do for each other. Think of things we love, and want to see more of. Focus on the positive thoughts and qualities of the people around us.

If someone talks about another person in a negative way, will send them love and that’s it. It is our
responsibly to manage our own thoughts.

Each one of us starts with ourselves. With our thoughts, our beliefs, changing for the better, for good, for love, then we will see this planet start to change. This time, these past few years has been a wakeup for us to change. This planet cannot support all this negativity anymore. The only way forward is for each of us individually to take responsibility for our own thoughts, what we believe, the way we speak, how kind and loving we each can be.

This is how on a bigger scale, we will have a kind and lovely planet.

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