Lately, we see in the media that people are starting to say things, to talk about topics, about all kinds of topics that trigger other people to become upset thinking how can people say something like that.

It doesn’t matter where, if it is at work, at home, or in the media. Wherever it is, if it happens to you, you need to listen.

The truth is, we pick and choose to just want to listen to what we want and with that take out anger, judgment, conclusions, and all kinds of thoughts.

Often, we don’t listen. We don’t listen to what is behind these words.

If we listen to the why? Listen to what the other person is saying, what is their point? Then we started to see another movie.

If we listen to something negative about us. Something that is not conformable for us, we need to understand that there is something there that we need to change in ourselves and our thinking and see the bigger picture, see the person telling us, what are they going through?

Why are they saying these things?

It is not that you are in agreement with what they say, but it is more about learning from it. Ask yourself what can I learn from this?

This is how we can make the planet better…

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